Katanga slum is located in Kampala, Uganda, 2 kilometres from the city centre and the slum has now existed for over 25 years. A recent (2008) census found that Katanga has slightly more than 3,000 make shift, temporary rooms that accommodate an average of 2 adults and 5 children. This means over 20,000 people live in the condensed community.

As Katanga is located close to the city centre the cost of renting is expensive. This leaves families very little money left over to provide for themselves. Some may have inherited their home but most have left their villages with the hope that being in the centre will lead to more job opportunities. This is a community where the average person lives on 50p a day or less. This means many can’t afford medical expenses, school fees and only have enough to feed the family a basic diet.

Katanga is situated on a swamp land and so has many sewer drainage channels weaving between homes. There is no protection from these channels, containing waste water and solids from the hostels surrounding and from the residents of Katanga themselves. Most of the drainage channels are extremely stagnant, harbouring various water-borne diseases that often affect the locals, including mosquitoes carrying malaria.