Sponsor a Child



In Uganda, education is not free. On top of school fees, families must pay for their children's transport to and from school, uniforms, books, stationery and more. This is simply not feasible for many families in low income areas like Katanga.

We are looking for sponsors to partner with us in giving these children an education that will transform their futures. It costs £20/month to send a child to a school within Kampala.

Sponsor a Child

As well as giving education to the children within Katanga we also work with the parents of those children by helping them earn a sustainable income. We hope that after 5 years we will have worked with the parents in such a way that they will be able to fully pay for their children's education. We will do this by slowly increasing the proportion of the child's school fees that the parents contribute as we support them in earning more money through our Livelihoods work

If you feel you are able to sponsor a child for £20/month then let us know by clicking on and filling our the contact form below.

Kick-Start a Career

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The goal of the Livelihoods programme is to support individuals in Uganda in gaining the skills they require to develop their chosen career, helping them to earn a self-sufficient income, supporting them and their family. We offer vocational training in a number of different skills, including tailoring & hairdressing, facilitate an apprenticeship program, as well as give loans or income generating grants to start up or develop existing businesses.

If you would like to kick-start the career of an individual we work with in Uganda then you can either fill out the form below, to chat with us about supporting on a regular basis with an amount that suits you, or alternatively to give a one of donation click Donate.

Support our Teachers


Our experienced teaching team supports the children we work with in the Catch-up Class and Creative Learning Centre. They work giving education to some of the most vulnerable children in Uganda, teaching numeracy and literacy, as well as preparing them for formal school.

Once the teachers are confident the child will pass the entrance exam to a school in Kampala, we will then look for individuals to Sponsor a Child. 

The teachers continue to support these children when they have moved onto formal education, keeping up with their class attendance, progress reports and providing any further support necessary. 

By supporting a teacher in our Catch-up Class, you are also helping to educate the many children that come through our education system each year.  

If you would like to help support our education program by contributing an amount monthly that suits you, then it would be great to hear from you using the contact form below.