Global Development

We would have all heard about the Millennium Development Goals and perhaps the Sustainable Development Goals that succeeded the MDGs in 2015. These goals were formulated by the UN and provides the view of global development that perhaps the majority of us are most familiar with. Originally focusing on poverty reduction in 'developing countries', the MDGs consisted of eight goals relating to the development of, for example, health, gender equality and education. As the UN assessed the goals, their success and the current state of Earth, a new set of goals were adopted, to reflect development as an issue that each and every country should be striving towards and not just those defined as undeveloped or developing. The SDGs comprise of an expanded 17 goals, highlighting just how multidimensional development is, with additional targets dealing with, as the name of the goals suggest, sustainability.  

Global development is multifaceted and complex. It can be hard to strive for and measure the growth of a country/countries, when there are a variety of contradictory ideologies as it relates to development and progress, with religion and cultural practices being central to these competing world views.

Explore the topics below as we take a more detailed look at Global Development, with examples on our experiences from working in Uganda and around the world. We would love for you to join in the conversation, sharing your thoughts on development and highlighting to others the need to be informed and get involved in a variety of issues to ensure a more desirable and sustainable future. So click on a post; read, comment and share.     

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