Then & Now - 5 years on.

by Mark Walters

Co-Founder and Chair of Trustees for Hope for Life Katanga


Six of us, in October 2011, sat around a power-outage caused, candlelit table in Katanga, sharing ideas, experiences, passions and hopes for what we would like to see happen for the community who live in extreme poverty in Uganda.

That evening was the start of an adventure that we would go on together, from educating 15 children, whose parents couldn't afford it, to now being a registered charity (No. 1153897), working towards our goal of enabling families in Uganda to realise their potential towards living a self-sufficient life. Through our three main programs: Education, Livelihoods & Health, we have been able to support more than 80 children into education, working with the parents of those same children to provide support, where necessary, on their road to a sustainable income, whether that be through the provision of a loan, business advise, or vocational training for individuals to start a new career; we have as well, been providing a small, weekly healthcare service for the community we work with.      

Then, in 2011

From Then, 2011.

Now, in 2016

to now, 2016

There are six children in the second picture (2016), who are also in the first picture (2011), can you tell which ones they are five years on?

The first picture is 14 of the original 15 children we started working with (one missing with a broken leg), and including children in the 2011 picture, we currently have a total of 37 children sponsored into school.

To celebrate we have decided to hold a special 5th birthday event in Bristol, an evening that promises to be packed full of entertainment and celebration. 

The anticipated event will start off with a three course meal, with accompanied live music, a charity auction, with prizes inc. two separate holidays for four in Devon, and later in the evening, a live band, giving you the opportunity to get on the dance floor with your friends, whilst enjoying a special beer (or other beverage) made for the event, 'Hop for Life'. We do have a lot more in store for you at the event, so head on over to our 5th Birthday Celebration Page for more updates on what you can expect as we get closer to the date, or simply buy a ticket and wait for the surprises on the night.


Our 5th birthday event is on the 29th October 2016, 7-11pm at the Elmgrove Centre, Bristol. Tickets are available here at £25/person or £20/person, when buying a table of eight.

Alternatively, for more information you can call Mark on 07999554996. We can't wait to have you celebrate with us. Thanks for your support.