Furbishing the Salon

Furbishing the Salon

We are excited to be installing our latest purchases for the Salon in the Livelihoods centre. We are excited for being able to better equip more women towards living a self sufficient life. Massive thanks to all those who donated towards seeing the salon and equipment, including all those who contributed through coming to our 5th Birthday in 2016. 

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Day 4 - Staff training

Today was a day of staff training, catching the team up on our broader vision and working out how we can practically fulfill that vision from day to day in Uganda.

Of course we had lots of food and laughter, getting to know each other a little bit more, especially as Megan and I had only met 4 of our staff members for the first time this visit.

It is investing in days like these that a team can really unify as we aim to be a solid support for the families we work with in Uganda.