Dresses made in our tailoring classes

We have been running various trainings in our Livelihoods program but tailoring is the one that requires the most concentration, skill and persistence. 

These women have been working so hard throughout the year and really enjoy the fact that they have been able to use the skills they have acquired to make their own clothes.

Francis and our tailor, Sharon, are so proud of what the women in these classes have been able to achieve. 

Fixing my Jacket

Both elbows on one of my favourite jackets has worn out. I have had this jacket for many years now, so it is no surprise it is wearing thin. I would like it to last a few more years though. 

I took it into our Livelihoods building one day to see if any of the women we work with wanted to fix me some elbow pads. They were all scared to work on my jacket but this lady was up for the challenge, putting her newly acquired skills to her first paid, tailoring job.  

I am so amazed to sit in class with these women, seeing their determination to succeed in a new skill.