Favourite moments

Favourite moments

I recently visited all the parents in Uganda that have received loans from us. It was amazing to see how the individuals had used their loan, whether it be starting a new business, or expanding their existing business.

Jocelyn was already selling fruit and veg outside her home and decided that she would increase her income by using the loan she was given to cook and sell somosas and cassava at breakfast and lunchtime.

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New, exciting opportunities

We are so excited to announce that we have 4 volunteer job opportunities for you to apply for (full details can be found by clicking on one of the job adverts under the Jobs tab above).

Megan and I (Mark) co-founded the Charity in 2011, alongside our three Ugandan friends Moses, Joshua and Francis. We are extremely proud of the effect we have been able to have in the lives of those who live in Katanga, Uganda. We have an amazing team out in Uganda, all of which have plenty of experience in various areas and have helped develop our programs from a couple of volunteers in 2011, teaching 15 children, to severn members of staff, working directly with more than 65 families, helping families towards living self sufficient lives. 

For the past four years, and with the help of recent volunteers, Megan and I have been working to raise funds, record our accounts, write reports and update our growing number of supporters. At Hope for Life, we pride ourselves on not only helping families in poverty towards self sufficiency but also our sustainable model as a charity, and for us to continue towards sustainability, we have divided the UK work into four managable sections for volunteers: Marketing, Finance, Fundraiser and Sponsor Relations, all of which will be overseen by Chris Boddy (Trustee) to ensure a smooth running of the charity. These sections will mean our operations are not only more manageable but also have rooom to expand our potential for supporting more families in Uganda.

As well as a more sustainble running of the charity, Megan and I realise that Hope for Life is not about us. The birth may well have been fuelled by a passion and conviction for releiving poverty but it is really about the families in Katanga that are struggling to provide the basics for their families. Second to that it is about our shared human desire to see injustice and get involved, using the vast resources that we are entrusted with, whether they be financial or written skills, wealth or infuence. As we go forward, Megan and I will continue to be trustees of the Charity, being passionate about the work we do and the families we are working for.  

So, we are looking to you; could you join our UK team, helping to make a massive difference to the families that we work with in Uganda? Whether you have the skills, qualifications, influence or just enthusiasm to get involved then we would love to hear from you. Have a look at the four Volunteer Job Adverts and see which area you would be interested in joining and send us an email at hopeforlifekatanga@gmail.com with your CV, names and contact details of two referees, the specific job you are applying for and why you would like to be involved in the work we are doing in Uganda.

Looking forward to hearing from you.