Favourite moments

Favourite moments

I recently visited all the parents in Uganda that have received loans from us. It was amazing to see how the individuals had used their loan, whether it be starting a new business, or expanding their existing business.

Jocelyn was already selling fruit and veg outside her home and decided that she would increase her income by using the loan she was given to cook and sell somosas and cassava at breakfast and lunchtime.

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#MatchitMay starts today!

Today is the start of a month where UK residents will be voting for their next Prime Minister, One Direction will be getting ready for their European tour and Will and Kate will be hoping that their newborn child (Girl, Charlotte, 7lb 6oz) will arrive at some point in May, earlier the better.

May is also the month where many will be Matching money spent & donating it to the families we support in Uganda.

Last years raised money was used to provide 60 individuals in Uganda with training and loans to help develop their businesses, all taking the next steps towards living a self-sufficient life. 

Why don't you join us? Watch the video below, choose an item to Match and perhaps even get your kids and friends involved.

Prepare for crafts

We have bought home lots of hand-made crafts to sell back here in the UK. I had the joy of spending time with these amazing people over the past month, trying out making a bag for myself, understanding how much work and effort goes into making them.

We will be selling them at the Nailsea Tithe Barn Christmas Fair on the 29th of November and at the Tesco Nailsea Christmas Fair on the 13th of December. If you are local then come find us.

Day 2 - Play, Rain & Soap

It was so fun to meet the new children in our catch up classes. There are only a couple remaining from when we were here last because all the previous children have been sponsored into a school in the city. The sponsored children have a inset day tomorrow so we will get to see them all for the first time this visit. Because they are normally at school during the day, we don't get to see them easily, just evenings and weekends. 

We had fun playing and getting to know the children; fun and laughter translate in any language. 

Megan and I are here to do some 'proper' work too, reviewing our programs efficiency. Megan is reviewing the success of the loans we have given out to different individuals. Whilst we are looking at the papers, one of the mums has come into the Livelihoods building to make liquid soap to sell. Maureen, the Livelihoods Officer, talked us through how to make the soap... a lot is involved; mix the right ingredients and quantities together before mixing the liquid every few hours for 24 hours, you can then add the scent you want, bottle it up and it is then ready to sell.

We were just about to leave the slum, when the famous Ugandan rain began to pour.