Prepare for crafts

We have bought home lots of hand-made crafts to sell back here in the UK. I had the joy of spending time with these amazing people over the past month, trying out making a bag for myself, understanding how much work and effort goes into making them.

We will be selling them at the Nailsea Tithe Barn Christmas Fair on the 29th of November and at the Tesco Nailsea Christmas Fair on the 13th of December. If you are local then come find us.

Day 5 - CLC Dance off

Every 3 months, Crane Network get all the Creative Learning Centres together, to showcase their talents in different areas; last time it was sports, this time it was dance and song. Each CLC had to prepare 4 performances, a song, dance, skit and poem, with the over arching theme being, 'children's rights to education'.

We work with the families of these girls, providing the girls further education once they have left the CLC, as well as supporting the parents/carers towards earning a sustainable income. 

These girls had been practicing, in between their studies, for a month before the event, so it was great to see their final performances on the day. There were a team of judges watching and scoring every performance, with prizes available for the top three schools. The girls were so pleased that their hard work had paid off, finishing the competition in 2nd place. 

If you feel like you are able to sponsor one of the girls into school then please fill out the form below, or for more information you can go to our sponsor a child page.

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