So what is #MatchitMay?

Here we are again! 

 This May, make a difference by taking part in Hope for Life Katanga's #MatchitMay campaign. What is #MatchitMay I hear you ask, it's a great way enjoy your favourite things guilt free (and maybe learn just how much you're spending on it!)

 The concept is simple: 

 - Choose an item

 - Buy it as you normally would in any other month

 - Each time you do, set aside the same amount of money

 - At the end of month, collect the money together and donate it to Hope for Life!

 #MatchitMay is simple, fun and can make a huge difference to lives in Uganda. Imagine you spend £10 a week on beer. By the end of the month that comes to £40. Whilst this may not seem like a huge amount, that would cover the cost of all the materials needed for our tailoring classes. Don't drink beer? Matching the cost of just one chocolate bar a week would pay for all the braids we would need for a month!

All of the proceeds will go towards our Kick-start a Career campaign. Keep an eye on our facebook page, twitter account and of course our website for a video coming soon!