Rebecca is sharing her love for mathematics with children in Katanga

Rebecca is a teacher at our catch-up centre. She joined HFL in 2014. In this interview, she shares about her favourite subject and some of the challenges she faces in her work.

1.      What do you do at the HFL catch-up centre?

I teach the children numeracy (numbers and counting), how to read, English grammar, how to write, and good health habits. I also lead the children in drama classes and games.


2.      What do you enjoy most about teaching at the catch-up centre?

I enjoy seeing the children come to the catch-up centre and later leave to join schools providing them formal education. It gives me so much joy being able to make a contribution to the journey of these children. I also enjoy teaching numeracy because I love mathematics.

3.      What challenges do you face in your work?

It’s sometimes heart breaking to see the children come to the centre in dirty and torn clothes.

Another challenge is that some children are not consistent in coming to the catch-up centre. This means I usually need to spend extra time helping those who missed what I taught with the other students.

4.      What have you done to address the challenges you face?

We have approached the parents and talked of the importance of education and regular attendance at the catch-up centre. When the children are the not at the centre, many spend the day moving around the slum looking for entertainment. Most of the places offering this entertainment is not at all child friendly. 

We have also talked to the parents about the importance of taking good care of their children—which includes dressing them in clean clothes. We work closely with the parents because at the centre we only spend 4 hours in a day (8:00am to 12:00pm) with their children. The rest of the time the children are with their parents.

Rebecca making a lesson plan

Rebecca making a lesson plan

5.      Any final remarks?

I would like to thank the sponsors that allow these children ti progress from the catch-up class to a school in Kampala. By helping the children in Katanga attain an education, they are helping the nation of Uganda. The nation suffers when children are not educated as the are more likely to become alcoholics and break the law. I pray the sponsors do not stop supporting the children because their sponsorship is helping the children in Katanga become great people in the world. Their effort in not in vain and I pray that God will bless them abundantly.