Parents Meeting

We today had a meeting with all the parents and staff in the newly renovated Livelihoods room that we will use as our Salon. This is something we do regularly throughout the year as we are a Community Based Organisation (CBO), which means our beneficiaries are members of the charity in Uganda. Coincidentally, the Council representative in charge of re-registering our CBO licence (who we had been expecting for the past three months) turned up during the meeting. 

The council are concerned with ensuring organisations are set up for genuine purposes for the benefit of the community. We have programs running throughout the week in both our Catch-up Class and Livelihoods initiatives, so we were happy for a representative to turn up at any point, however, for them to turn up in the middle of a community meeting with the beneficiaries, while we update and have an open forum for feedback, was great for them to see (and us).