Michael's story

Michael started his life in Katanga, one of seven children being raised in a small home by his mother and father. During the rains, it would flood and mamma Michael would worry that her children would drown or catch a deadly disease due to the stagnant water near their home. 

Michael's mother can now look back on these days with a smile. Michael's parents bought land in 2007 and spent the next 8 years saving up until the could build a house on it. Now life for Michael and his family is quite different.


They live in the luscious countryside outside of Katanga. They have land on which they can grow matooke and raise chickens to provide food and money for their family. The air is cleaner and the family report that their health has been much better since moving. Not only that but it's peaceful and spacious, creating a much happier environment for the Michael and his siblings to grow up.


Michael is sponsored by Hope for Life Katanga. Whilst he was in Katanga, he went to our catch-up classes and was sponsored into formal school. Since the move, Michael has found a new school. It's a short walk from his home, the classes are small (just 12 students or less) and the students are well behaved and rewarded. 


Michael's family told us that he has been doing well in his new class and likes it! We are incredibly happy for Michael and his family and proud of what they have achieved. We wish them every success on their future and will continue to support their development as a self sustaining family!