Margaret sells crafts to keep her stepdaughters in school

Margaret is a stepmother to two of the girls currently sponsored by Hope for Life (HFL). We asked her to share her dreams for the girls and how she has managed to keep them in school.


1. How long have you lived in Katanga slum?
20 years

2. How did you come to stay in Katanga?
I first came to Katanga to stay with my auntie and sister who were already living here. Then my auntie gave me this room to live in and I haven’t left since then.

3. How do you manage to keep your step-daughters in school?
HFL pays the school fees and I buy all the school requirements.

Margaret showing off some of her craft work.

Margaret showing off some of her craft work.

 4. How did HFL start sponsoring your stepdaughters?
After the death of their mother (the stepdaughters), I asked my husband (their father) to bring them here so we can live together. At the time, HFL had just started its catch-up school. I asked HFL to admit the girls and they did.

After about 6 months, teacher Daisy went and got them places at Buganda Road Primary School. HFL also bought them their first school uniforms and shoes. 

5. What do you do to get the money for your daughter’s school requirements?
I make crafts—mats and hand bags which I sell for UGX 30,000 ($8) and UGX 15,000 ($4) respectively.

 6. What dreams do you have for your stepdaughters?
I want to see them study up to university. And I am prepared to support them all the way.

7. What pleases you most about your stepdaughters?
They are hardworking.

Margaret and her stepdaughters.

Margaret and her stepdaughters.