Her step mother became her stepping stone


Namuddu, now 6 years of age, was abandoned by her mother at the age of one. Her father married another wife, Justine, who has since taken care of Namuddu as if she was her own daughter.

Justine sells shoes in Owino Market, the biggest market in down town Kampala, while Namuddu’s father is a street vendor. With street vending banned within Kampala City, business for Namuddu’s father hasn’t been good. He hardly earns enough money for a day’s meal for the family.

But because of Justine’s desire to see that Namuddu attains a good education like other children, Justine sought help from Hope For Life. This year, Namuddu was enrolled into our catch –up class.

We enjoy having Namuddu at the Catch-up Centre. She is a brilliant and well behaved girl.

You too can participate in bringing hope to a child in Katanga by sponsoring one in our catch-up class. To sponsor, visit: www.hopeforlifekatanga.com/donate

*Child’s name in the story has been changed to protect her identity.