Fire in Katanga: Can You Help?

There has been a fire in Katanga this morning, beginning in a home of a family we work with.


Thankfully everyone has got out without injury but it is still tragic, with their home burnt out, no roof, possessions burnt or ruined and the business they run from home destroyed.

Please be praying and keeping this family in mind as they start to rebuild.

UPDATE (21/09/2016, 17:33pm):

***The family of seven has moved into a spare room that we have at Hope for Life Katanga until they are able to get back on their feet but we are looking for people who feel they are able to provide immediate support for this family as they are without a source of income, clothes, or even a mattress to sleep on.

If you or anyone you know are able to give a few pounds or anything more to help this family rebuild their lives that would be hugely appreciated. Please private message us on Facebook, or send an email to and we will let you know of the charity's bank details. Alternatively, click on the donate button below and we will transfer the money to help support this family.***

UPDATE (22/09/2016, 7:00)

*** From Nkurunziza Fran (Uganda Director), "I have gone back to visit the family again this morning after yesterday's fire. They are ok today but nervous of what happens next".

After chatting with Francis yesterday, we have estimated that basic items inc. mattresses, bed sheets, saucepans and other utensils, some clothing for the family and a couple of weeks worth of food supplies, would cost about £460. Of course this amount of money is unattainable for a family who is already struggling in poverty but has also lost almost everything in the fire.

So far together we have raised £250. If you feel you are able to donate towards the items listed above, then please send us an email at or a Private Message on Facebook to receive our bank account details, or simply click the donate button above on this webpage.

Thank you all so much for your support for this family.

The pictures below are of the the family this morning, as well as the burnt out aftermath of their home and possessions.***

UPDATE: 23/09/2016

*** Francis (Uganda Director), has spent yesterday and this morning alongside the mother of the family to buy new items lost in the fire. Items purchased include, mattresses, a new bed (being hand made this afternoon), new school uniform & school equipment inc. backpacks & shoes, soap & washing buckets, cooking equipment, as well as 20kg rice & beans. As well as all these items, we have been able to give Mamma Dausi enough capital to restart her business of selling samosas, cakes, fruit & veg.

We have been amazed by the support given to the family in Katanga, by you our friends. 

The family now have the basics to start living life like they were just a few days ago before the fire; children can go back to school, the mother now has food a can feed the nine in their house & the family can sleep comfortably at night with new bedding.    

We will be sure to keep you updated with the progress of the family with the donations that have come in so far.  ***