In Conversation - Grace

In Conversation - Grace

In October 2016, Chris (UK Director) and Mark (Co-Founder) went to visit Francis (Uganda Director) & Joshua (Co-Founder) in Uganda and had many conversations, looking at ways to improve and refine the HFLKatanga programs. The conversations they were having together, and with friends, were so interesting, they started to record them.

Instead of posting the entire transcript, or dodgy audio recording, we have broken the conversation up. Below is Grace's contribution to one of those conversations. This conversation began as the team wanted to learn from the experience that others had of being a sponsored child.  

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The Government's Role in Private Education in Uganda

The Government's Role in Private Education in Uganda

It’s time for the government to regulate private schools and institutions of learning

A lot has been said on this subject over the years by many parents and guardians but the efforts to address the frustration and the challenges encountered have not been forthcoming from the concerned party, which in this case is the government. In the past the government of Uganda had restricted private players into management, ownership and startup of primary and secondary schools. However, in the 1980s due to overwhelming demand for inclusive education that can be accessed by children in rural and urban areas, the government adopted new polices of privatisation, liberalisation and regulation to enhance improvements and expansion of the education sector.

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Parents Meeting

Parents Meeting

We today had a meeting with all the parents and staff in the newly renovated Livelihoods room that we will use as our Salon. This is something we do regularly throughout the year as we are a Community Based Organisation (CBO), which means our beneficiaries are members of the charity in Uganda. Coincidentally, the Council representative in charge of re-registering our CBO licence (who we had been expecting for the past three months) turned up during the meeting. 

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Today's Catch-up Class Pictures

The junior class today matching up written numbers with the appropriate figures. More pictures here... 

Girls attending Vocational School

These two girls are now attending a vocational school in Kampala thanks to a couple of recent sponsors.

For one reason or another, both these girls have not been able to get the education that many of their peers have received. They have fallen behind but desperately want to receive an education to better their chances of earning a living, providing a sustainable income for themselves and their families.

Because of their age (15 & 18), they have opted to go to a vocational school, rather than sitting classes with pupils much younger than themselves. They both have chosen hairdressing as the skill they will focus on during the two years their course last for, after that they will be prepared to either start up a small business of their own or join a number of businesses around Kampala.

We are so thankful for your support and can't wait to see how these girls develop now that they are back in education.

Dirty Knees (back to school on Monday)

It was January 2013 when we found friends who were able to sponsor the first 3 Hope for Life children into school.

We got so excited the day we received photos of those first children in their school uniforms.


Over the past 2 years we have had 25 people sign up and say they would like to sponsor children. 5 of those being new sponsors for this new school year starting 2nd Feb. 

Here are just a few of those children who we have been able to send to school because of the amazing support we have been getting.

The children in the picture above range from ages 7-14. They have grown so much in these past 3 years, from when Megan and I first went out to Uganda and met them. 

All except one of the children below have joined our program since we were first out in Uganda. We love their cheeky faces, their willingness to learn and their dirty knees. 

We are educating 32 more children in our catch up classes and Creative Learning Centre, 18 of those are now ready to be sponsored into school.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child we would love to hear from you. You can either fill out the form below, letting us know you are interested in sponsoring a child or you can find out more information about sponsorship from our Sponsor a Child webpage

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Video: Walking to school

In October 2013 I woke up early to walk with some of the children we sponsor to school. We pretty much walked on the curb for about half a mile. Such fun. 

The boy is telling his younger cousin to move/walk quicker.

If you would like to find out about sponsoring a child before the new school term starts on the 2nd of February then click on the Sponsor a Child page.

Day 5 - CLC Dance off

Every 3 months, Crane Network get all the Creative Learning Centres together, to showcase their talents in different areas; last time it was sports, this time it was dance and song. Each CLC had to prepare 4 performances, a song, dance, skit and poem, with the over arching theme being, 'children's rights to education'.

We work with the families of these girls, providing the girls further education once they have left the CLC, as well as supporting the parents/carers towards earning a sustainable income. 

These girls had been practicing, in between their studies, for a month before the event, so it was great to see their final performances on the day. There were a team of judges watching and scoring every performance, with prizes available for the top three schools. The girls were so pleased that their hard work had paid off, finishing the competition in 2nd place. 

If you feel like you are able to sponsor one of the girls into school then please fill out the form below, or for more information you can go to our sponsor a child page.

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Day 4 - Staff training

Today was a day of staff training, catching the team up on our broader vision and working out how we can practically fulfill that vision from day to day in Uganda.

Of course we had lots of food and laughter, getting to know each other a little bit more, especially as Megan and I had only met 4 of our staff members for the first time this visit.

It is investing in days like these that a team can really unify as we aim to be a solid support for the families we work with in Uganda.

Day 3 - Painting

This morning we spent time with the children. After some written work, the children were given snacks (breakfast for the majority), today they had an egg and porridge. We played singing games outside to release some built up energy. All the children painted, the newer children had never done this before and they all did surprising well.  


Day 2 - Play, Rain & Soap

It was so fun to meet the new children in our catch up classes. There are only a couple remaining from when we were here last because all the previous children have been sponsored into a school in the city. The sponsored children have a inset day tomorrow so we will get to see them all for the first time this visit. Because they are normally at school during the day, we don't get to see them easily, just evenings and weekends. 

We had fun playing and getting to know the children; fun and laughter translate in any language. 

Megan and I are here to do some 'proper' work too, reviewing our programs efficiency. Megan is reviewing the success of the loans we have given out to different individuals. Whilst we are looking at the papers, one of the mums has come into the Livelihoods building to make liquid soap to sell. Maureen, the Livelihoods Officer, talked us through how to make the soap... a lot is involved; mix the right ingredients and quantities together before mixing the liquid every few hours for 24 hours, you can then add the scent you want, bottle it up and it is then ready to sell.

We were just about to leave the slum, when the famous Ugandan rain began to pour.