Annual Report

For the period ended 30 June 2015 (If you'd like to see the report in full, please visit our Finance page)

Charity's Objectives

The prevention of relief of poverty in Uganda by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare projects, sanitation and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient.

Over the last twelve months Hope for Life Katanga, together with all our sponsors and partners, has registered some remarkable progress in the effort to see families achieve their potential towards living a self-sufficient life.
— Francis (Director)


We aim to provide education to vulnerable children aged 4-18, whose parents can't afford for them to go to school. We do this through providing informal education through our catch-up class in Katanga and also supporting the Creative Learning Centre (CLC), run in partnership by CRANE (Children at Risk Network) & Kampala Baptist Church. After receiving sufficient informal education, we facilitate a sponsorship programme, allowing individuals to integrate into formal education in the city, either in government schools, or vocational institutes, depending on their stage of life. 

Young children painting in the catch-up class

Young children painting in the catch-up class

Over the past year we have been educating 71 children over our 3 different programs, with 28 children sponsored into schools in Kampala.



Below is a video of the girls in the Creative Learning Centre


Daisy, Hope for Life's Education Officer, visiting some of the 28 children now sponsored in to school. She regularly visits each student in school to check their attendance and to receive progress reports from the school. 


Hope for Life Katanga opened my eyes, I had no hope of ever going to school, I could not even spell or write my name but now I can even write a book of my own.
— Peter, aged 13


The goal of the Livelihoods programme is to support individuals in gaining new skills that will develop their chosen career, helping them to earn a sustainable income to pay for their children's education as well as other necessities. We aim to achieve this goal in two ways, offering both training workshops in a number of different skills, as well as giving loans to start up or develop existing businesses.

Over the past year we have delivered trainings in liquid soap making, hairdressing, craft making and tailoring, helping parents and carers on their first steps to earning a sustainable living.

This year we have given out a further 18 loans to those in our Livelihoods program. We originally provided £812.50 in loans, which after being repaid and re-loaned throughout the year, the total amount loaned increased to £1,925. The year finished distributing £700 to a group of 5 individuals under a new group loan format.


The main aim of this programme is to improve the health of those living in Uganda, through education, prevention and, where necessary, treatment. We realise that although education and livelihoods are very important for developing life circumstances, the state of an individuals health can prevent that development.


The main aspect of our Health programme consists of Secunda, an experienced, registered nurse, coming in once a week, to offer guidance, support and a small amount of treatment. 

Foster Care Scheme

Since 2012, we have fostered seven children into new families, one of those cases being this year. We work alongside a charity called Retrak, who work primarily with street children.  Francis's (Director) previous job was working with Retrak as a social worker, reintegrating children back into their family households, but where that can not be achieved, a safe, stable foster family is found. Retrak's model is such that fostering happens with the parent's/carer's permission, and when appropriate, the child returns to visit, maintaining healthy family relations.

The UK Team

Over the past year, our UK team has been working to support the programmes that we run in Uganda. This has been achieved through adding further experience and expertise to our board of trustees, developing policies & protocols to continue best practice, raising sufficient income, updating our supporters, and recording the charity's accounts accurately and efficiently. 

Accounts Overview

During this year we have received a total of £30,319 through donations, grants and sponsorship in both the UK and Uganda with £23,598 being spent in the same period. 

Breakdown of the charity's income.

The figures in the pie chart above give you a good overview of how the income we receive is broken down. One of our goals for the coming year is to increase the percentage of donations given in the livelihoods trainings fund, so that we are able support the parents in becoming self-sufficient at the same rate as we are putting children through school.  

Breakdown of charity's expenditure

* Craft items sold in the UK, with 100% of the sale given in cash to the women who made them in Uganda.

Our rise in support this year has meant we have been able to deliver more programmes, give more loans, educate more children & lots more. We are looking forward to the coming year where we are looking to further support families towards their next steps of living a self-sufficient life.

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