Abandoned by his father, Lule has found hope


Lule is 7 years old and he lives with his mother who has lived in the slum of Katanga for 10 years. The family lives in a two roomed house that Lule’s father built for them when he was still working as a policeman. Life took a turn for the worst when the father was fired from his job, abandoning them for another wife. From the mother’s little income—from selling matooke (bananas) —and help from relatives and friends, the family could only manage to have one meal a day.

It was in the midst of all that that Peninah’s friends advised her to seek help from Hope For Life (HFL) which she did. We saw her plight and decided to sponsor Lule’s primary education.

Lule joined HFL in the first term of 2014. He is a bright boy, always coming top of his class. He is social, ever happy, likes helping others in class, likes reading chats, counting numbers; he is humble and always listens to the teacher. He likes playing football and loves singing. His favourite dishes are rice, beef, chicken, and chips.

You too can participate in bringing hope to a child in the slum of Katanga by sponsoring a child. 100% of all donations received are spent in Uganda. To sponsor, visit: www.hopeforlifekatanga.com/donate

*Child’s name in the story has been changed to protect his identity.