A Strategic Approach

After a recent staff away day in Uganda, we thought we would use this week's blog post as a chance to explain how we approach the work that we do. As a charity, we do our utmost to achieve our goals; to this end, we have five key approaches that our staff members adhere to: Relational, Family-Centred, Holistic, Professional & Indigenous.  


Trust is essential in our work with families in Katanga. Our team get to know each of the families we work with in order to learn how to best support them. For us it is important not only to learn their hopes and dreams but also enable them to come to terms with what they have already experienced.


At Hope for Life Katanga, families are both formally and informally involved in the development of the organisation and its work. The families' participation is sought during the designing and implementation of programmes and our activities are designed to be appropriate for them. Why? Because the families we work with are at the heart of everything we do!


No one family that we work with is the same. With that in mind we take a holistic approach in attempting to support their development. What that means is that we take a family's physical, emotional, social and spiritual development into account when we work with them. To this end our team members share experience and insight with each other to help the team grow further.


It is essential to what we do that all of our staff members are suitably qualified to be performing the duties that they do. We use formal training and experience to ensure that our work is being carried out effectively and professionally. 


The empowerment of the Ugandan staff team is a priority for Hope for Life Katanga. Developing their sense of ownership over the work they do is one of the key goals of the charity, not only in Uganda but also in the UK.