A displaced child empowered

The war that ravaged Northern Uganda for so many years forced Michelle and her family of 7 to move to Central Uganda in search for refuge. The indiscriminate killings of civilians by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels led by the infamous Joseph Kony left Michelle and her family no choice but to leave their home. And that is how they ended up living in the slum of Katanga, a place they now call home.

Michelle, her mother, and some of her siblings

Michelle, her mother, and some of her siblings

The family lives in a single room partitioned into two by a curtain.

Michelle’s father is a tailor who mainly repairs torn clothes for a living. Her mother has, only recently, started a tomato selling business to supplement her husband’s income.

Because the little money the father earns is not enough to send Michelle and all her siblings (aged 12, 9, 4 and 1) to school, her mother introduced her to Hope For Life where she was enrolled into the catch-up class.

Thanks to Hope For Life’s catch-up class, Michelle is now empowered with skills in numeracy, literacy and other life skills.

You too can sponsor a child in our catch up class by visiting: www.hopeforlifekatanga.com/donate

*Child’s name in the story has been changed to protect her identity.