Enabling families in Uganda to realise their potential towards living a self-sufficient life



We teach and support children whose parents can not afford their education in our Catch-up class, Creative Learning Centre and Sponsorship program.

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We are passionate about empowering the parents & carers of the children in our education program. We want to help them earn a sustainable income so that they will be able to afford to send their own children to school.

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We work with the whole family to provide basic healthcare including health workshops, counselling, health checks and medical advice.

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You & your friends are invited to our birthday event at the Elmgrove Centre, Bristol, on the 29th October.

Join us from 7-11pm for a packed evening of entertainment and celebration.

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Sponsor a Child

After a child has been given the basic education needed from our catch-up classes, we find people to sponsor them for £20/month, which will take them to a formal school in the city. Alongside sponsorship, we look to empower the families in such a way that they can afford to take their own children to school. 

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Kick-start a Career


We offer training workshops in a number of different skills, including tailoring & hairdressing, facilitate an apprenticeship program, as well as giving loans to start up or develop existing businesses.

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Support a Teacher

Our experienced teaching team supports the children we work with in the Catch-up Class and Creative Learning Centre. They work giving education to some of the most vulnerable children in Uganda, teaching numeracy and literacy, as well as preparing them for formal school.

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